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16-Nov-2017 14:22

I just know what I am talking about and treat others and their work with respect. “Gail needs some self examination before she starts trotting out ‘I’m a powerful woman and that is why people don’t like me.’ People have never liked her.

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She is also a deep grudge holder which has nothing to do with being a woman and is why Jeffrey Katzenberg doesn’t want to be in business with her.

“The underlying issue is why would [chairman and chief executive of Paramount Pictures] Brad Grey hire her at all. And maybe subscribe to Netflix.” This is a juvenile and cheap-ass thing to say in a caption, but doesn’t Grey look like a puppet next to his boss, chairman and chief executive officer of MTV Networks Tom Freston?

[I was asked to delete three or four examples of Berman having killed some prrojects or pissed this or that person off, which I did.] , Gail tried not to make that film left over from Deline’s development slate.

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She wanted to ‘redevelop it,’ which is what Gail is famous for.It’s using a story that follows the contours of an action-thriller to push an allegory about some very real and threatening tendencies in our society today.” I haven’t done any serious calling around about embattled Paramount Pictures president Gail Berman, but I received a letter this morning [Sunday, 2.12] from a woman who seems very knowledgable and connected to people in the creative community, and what she says about Berman and her situation (as well as the perceptions and management skills of Paramount chairman Brad Grey) is fairly damning.