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Next, find your Last Import album in the Album Browser column on the right.This is where your camera connection kit-imported photos are sitting.This means they are invisible to the auto-upload features of apps like Flickr.That sounds bad, but think about this: Your imported photos remain in cold storage until you do something with them, so you can take your time to review them, maybe deleting the rejects, and only when you process them with Geo Tagr will they be saved to the general Camera Roll and made available for upload.

But there are two big problems: I can’t transfer the logs directly to my i Pad, and the GPS files are in the FIT format, which is not as universal as the GPX format.

Geo Tagr is a universal app that takes care of both track logging (recording the GPS data) and also applying it to your photos once imported into an i Pad using the camera connection kit. You just buy the app () and launch it on your i Phone.