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More effective prevention strategies and continued surveillance of chlamydia and gonorrhoea testing, positivity by age and risk groups are needed to address these disparities.

Pregnant young women’s attitudes about their grandmother and father-of-the-baby’s role in decision-making and involvement in microbicide use were assessed.

These findings support the need for development of new strategies that reflect on physicians’ attitude as providers of sexual health care.

Regular sexual partnerships among gay and bisexual men who practice condomless anal intercourse have not been well characterised in terms of partnership type, HIV seroconcordance and risk of HIV transmission. ‘fuckbuddies’) are common among gay men, but have largely been ignored in research and HIV prevention.

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Survey respondents believed dimensions of sexual health such as emotional fulfilment, pleasure, and mutual benefits in relationships were important components of overall sexual health.

Median GW costs were substantial, being estimated at US3.8 for male and US1.8 for female patients.

Our study results provide evidence-based data that will allow for the implementation of measures to reduce genital wart prevalence and psychosocial impact on patients.

both home and the main stream cultures) are important factors affecting these physicians’ involvement in sexual history taking.

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This is a significant neglected area in sexual health care which highlights the need to have a greater understanding of influential factors regarding physicians who share similar conservative cultural backgrounds.

Chlamydia testing rates are lower than recommended levels in both males and females.

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