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To me, the whole practice and vernacular of religion—prayer, hymns, Mass—was something wholly alien, which I was reluctant to step into.My friendships with practicing Catholics finally convinced me that I had to make a decision.So the Guide must be Theocratic which means God must be one and only. There are main 3 theocratic books which say it, Torah, Bible and Коran.Bible says Jesus is son of God, which contradicts to his absolute power.

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It’s why I was able to drift through life with my ill-conceived atheism going unchallenged, and at least partially explains the sheer extent of the popular support for the New Atheists: for every considerate and well-informed atheist, there will be others with no personal experience of religion and no interest in the arguments who are simply drifting with the cultural tide.

Religion was irrelevant in my personal life and had provided my formative years with a rolling-news backdrop of violence and extremism.