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They’ve liked me a gosh-darn awful lot, but boy-oh-boy do they not want to pull out those three little words.” Convince Your Partner to Do Their Chores by Saying It’s Good for Your Sex Life by Gabriella Paiella “Sexual frequency is linked to overall relationship satisfaction, and relationship satisfaction is highest when couples divide the housework evenly.” Do Not Apologize for Having Loud Sex by Maureen O’Connor “The whole point of being a wage-earning, home-owning (or -renting) adult is that you can do whatever you want to do in the privacy of your home. I Took a Class to Find Out by Rose Surnow “I always figured sexiness was like a sense of humor or diabetes, either you got it or you don’t.

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That's why we've rounded up some of the best relationship advice and tips we could find to help you out.

” Both Side of a Breakup: She Moved Out and Their Dogs Suffered the Most by the Cut “Chris, a 31-year-old actor, and Sasha, a 26-year-old event planner, spent five (often sexless) years together — until he found a suspicious text, and she found the strength to finally let him go.” Ask Polly: How Do I Know If I’m Settling?